Tips on how and which steam mop to choose


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Modern technology has gone so far ahead that even cleaning becomes a quick and easy task. Another gift to all housewives was a steam mop. It seems that there is a serious reason to think about acquiring it!

What is a steam mop

In appearance, a steam mop is similar to a regular one. Unless its base is more massive, triangular in shape, and there is a thickening on the handle. Most manufacturers include different nozzles in the miracle mop kit, allowing you to clean different surfaces. The use of this know-how eliminates the need to constantly «bow» and work in a half-bent state. So back pain can be crossed off the list of everyday troubles.

Dust and dirt are removed by a powerful steam jet. They say that up to 99% of bacteria and microbes are removed.

How to choose a steam mop

Depending on the number and variety of nozzles for a steam mop, it can turn out to be a multifunctional device. She has access to:

  • wet cleaning of any floor coverings: linoleum, parquet, marble, ceramic tiles, laminate;
  • some in the kitchen will be invaluable helpers, able to clean both the stove and the sink;
  • with the appropriate nozzle, you can polish furniture and bring mirrors to a shine.

At the same time, manufacturers promise that without the use of household chemicals, only due to steam, such a mop will cope with fungus, mold, and even dust mites.

How to choose a steam mop

How to choose a steam mop

We will not advertise any specific brands. Let us dwell only on the parameters that must be taken into account when choosing a steam mop.

  • Continuous steam — at least half an hour. Otherwise, cleaning will take no less time than with its manual execution.
  • Cleaning head swivels 180 degrees. Without this «skill» it will be difficult to get to hard-to-reach corners.
  • Steam heating regulatorA: Different temperatures are acceptable for different surfaces.
  • Cord length — from five meters. A smaller one for cleaning an average apartment will not be enough, you will have to constantly switch the plug from outlet to outlet.
  • The weight — a maximum of three kilograms, so that the movement of the mop is not difficult.

Additional, but very desirable options include overheating protection and a power button on the handle. The latter will save you from having to bend down to turn the unit on or off.


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