Practical advice on how to choose a stroller for a newborn


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Strollers for newborns are distinguished by their functionality and possible transformation into a walking type. Among the main selection criteria are the reliability and weight of the frame, the size and maneuverability of the wheels, the size and quality of the cradle.

When choosing a dowry for a newborn, parents first of all pay attention to its safety and functionality: children’s transport is no exception. Now on the market there are a variety of models of strollers for every taste and budget, but not all of them are suitable for a newborn.

Should I buy a stroller-transformer?

How to choose a stroller for a newborn?

The most affordable and functional option for children’s transport, which is enough for up to the age of three, is a transformer. But unfortunately, this is all its pluses. The fact is that the transforming bottom of the cradle is not ideally flat and rigid, which is necessary for a fragile children’s spine.

In addition, there are inconveniences for the mother herself — this is the need to lean heavily towards the baby, because such strollers are quite low. For motorists, this option can be excluded, because the transforming stroller does not fold, so it is very difficult to transport it if the need arises.

Another disadvantage of inexpensive transport for a child is its weight. Moms who have problems with the elevator or ramp in the house may very soon regret such a purchase. Also, a transforming stroller cannot be recommended for the winter period, since its wheels have a small diameter and provide poor cross-country ability.

But if it is planned to walk with the child rarely and in the warm season, then it is quite possible to choose this option. In addition, when the child begins to sit, all of the above disadvantages will be minimized.

Expert advice! Don’t skimp on a wheelchair. A used model may have defects that are not visible at first glance and break at the most unexpected moment, endangering the health of the baby.

Classic stroller or modular?

How to choose a stroller for a newborn?

Classic carrycots are distinguished by an ergonomic baby seat: it is large enough for a growing baby and his winter clothes, and the bottom is flat and durable. Large wheels make this stroller more passable. Of the minuses, limited functionality can be noted.

This problem was easily solved by the creators of modular strollers. This option combines the advantages of both a transformer and a classic cradle. On one frame there can be a cradle or a walking block, or a car seat. Of course, the cost of such transport will be higher than usual, but it fully justifies itself.

It is worth noting that a removable cradle in the classic version, either 2 in 1 or 3 in 1, can be the first bed for a child that can be placed on the balcony in summer or facilitate the motion sickness process with it. Manufacturers of this type of stroller always focus on passenger safety: the sides of the cradle are quite high and strong, the frame is stable, the wheels are inflatable, there is depreciation. Depending on the manufacturer, strollers will differ in the size of the carrycot, the number of wheels, their size and the way they fold.

How to choose a modular stroller?

How to choose a stroller for a newborn?

This type of stroller boasts the greatest variety: there are practically no special differences among transformers or classic cradles. And modular strollers differ in the following parameters:

  1. The number of wheels — there can be three or four: the first option makes the stroller more maneuverable, but less stable, it will be difficult to use it in the winter season;
  2. Wheel size: in a three-wheeled stroller, the front wheel usually has a larger diameter for cross-country ability, in a four-wheeled stroller it is the other way around. Smaller diameter front wheels allow the stroller to maneuver better and also “walk” up steps, which is a very convenient feature for new moms;
  3. The front wheels of modern strollers are usually swivel, allowing them to turn easily or turn sharply;
  4. The system for assembling and changing modules varies depending on the manufacturer — you need to check it yourself: is it convenient or not. In some models, it is enough to make one movement, in others it is necessary to simultaneously press and pull something. This question is especially relevant for those who plan to often travel with a child and a stroller by car;
  5. Frame strength: lightweight strollers are now very popular, but this indicator is achieved by lightening, which means thinning the frame, here you need to make a choice, which is more important — comfort for the mother or safety for the newborn.

The remaining selection criteria will be relevant for other types of strollers, they are presented below.

Which wheelchair manufacturers can you trust?

We always try to find the best price-quality ratio, but the fact is that in relation to children’s goods, the rule most often applies: the more expensive, the better. Manufacturers of baby strollers value their reputation very much, they constantly improve the technologies used and add new features to their products. It is up to the buyer to decide which of them he needs and which will be a waste of money.

Expert advice! One way or another, the brand on the baby stroller is a certain sign of quality and a guarantee that the baby will be as comfortable as possible in the chosen transport.

Inglesina boasts a light, manoeuvrable yet very durable stroller: its unique frame and inflatable wheels make it a pleasure to drive. The Italian manufacturer CAM focuses on the safety of small passengers and the functionality of the stroller, taking measures to improve the system of belts and fastenings, as well as transporting the necessary small things.

Peg Perego strollers are ergonomic for parents: quiet, roomy, easy to disassemble. The famous Italian brand Chicco makes its strollers as compact and maneuverable as possible. Strollers from Verdi, Capella, Adamex and Tuttis are modern solutions in the field of light frame, maneuverability and interesting design, which are distinguished by a reasonable price.

What should be paid special attention to?

How to choose a stroller for a newborn?

Whatever type of stroller you choose, you will need to evaluate the following parameters:

  • The length and width of the cradle should be sufficient, especially if the winter period falls on the 6-month-old passenger;
  • Options: the stroller may come with a bag for mom, a mosquito net and a rain cover, and in some models even an umbrella or other original accessory;
  • The basket for products should be spacious enough, accessible and located so as not to interfere with the patency of the stroller;
  • The braking system must be reliable front and rear brake, located in the middle, better than those on wheels;
  • Depreciation on wheels contributes to a smoother ride and comfort for the baby;
  • The bottom and walls of the cradle must be strong;
  • The size of the stroller must be smaller than the doorway in the apartment and the elevator cabin;
  • The material of the cradle must be natural inside and waterproof outside;
  • All textiles must be completely removed for washing;
  • The wheelchair handle must be adjustable in height.

Expert advice! Take your time with the choice. Evaluate all the available offers in the children’s stores of the city, as well as on the Internet.

So, going to the store, evaluate your elevator and entrance, the state of the family budget and the time of the birth of the baby. Do not hesitate to contact a consultant with a question and thoroughly examine the model you like, because the safety of the most expensive creature on the planet depends on the correct choice.


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