How to choose and buy a bread machine: features and prices


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Recently, buyers have become more demanding on the quality of bakery products offered in stores. It’s no secret that pastries do not always meet expectations.

In order to avoid disappointment at the dinner table, you can bake bread at home. Now you do not need to follow the dough and worry about the degree of baking the crumb. The most difficult work will be taken over by the apparatus for making bread — a bread machine.

What to look for when choosing a bread maker

Criteria for choosing a bread machine:

  • Power
  • Output of the finished product in grams
  • Number and size of mixing blades
  • Availability of additional functions
  • Manufacturing firm
  • Colour, design and material.

Power is an important success factor. A low-power oven can mix the ingredients poorly and bake the product for a long time.

How to choose a bread maker

There are devices with a power of 450 watts, and there are also 1100 watts. If the bread machine will be used in a large family, then a device that is more powerful will work better.

The weight of the finished loaves may vary. Each furnace is capable of providing the maximum weight of the product provided for by the instructions. Usually it is 600-1000 g.

There can be one or two blades mixing the ingredients. One is enough, but two will work faster, mix better. It is also better to mix with a spatula with wide blades.

You can bake more than just bread in a bread maker. She is able to please the family with culinary delights: muffins, Easter cakes, casseroles. In the most «advanced» models, you can cook jam or jams, cook soups and main dishes, side dishes and cereals.

Programs and additional features

If, apart from bread, nothing is expected from the unit, then you should not overpay for additional functionality. In the case when the bread machine will work as a small kitchen plant, its cost can be an order of magnitude higher.

There can be about 20 or even more different programs in bread makers now. The most convenient of the additional features is the presence of a department for nuts and spices with a grinder, a timer with the ability to select the start time of work, heating baking in a hot state until a certain time.

The memory function can be useful: in case of a short-term power outage, the device will resume the work of the process step at which it stopped.

The design of a bread maker is not only about appearance. The shape of the finished product will also depend on the shape of the stove. On a dark surface, drops and each flour grain will be more noticeable, respectively, an oven of this color will take more time to clean. Bread makers are very convenient, which are equipped with a transparent window for observing the baking process.

How to choose a bread maker

Bread machine manufacturers

Now there is a very large selection of reliable bread makers. Many companies producing equipment for home and industrial kitchens represent a wide range of ovens of various capacities, functions and sizes.

  • The pioneer in the home kitchen is the company Panasonic, it was on it that the very first bread machine was made. The manufacturer does not lose its position even today: there is always a choice.
  • The products of the Russian-Chinese concern have proven themselves well Redmond. The combination of price and quality is perhaps one of the best. The design is familiar and attractive.
  • Models have good performance. Serbian productions Gorenje.
  • Reliable devices from Moulinex.
  • Budget options are represented by bread machines from Midea, Supraand other manufacturers.

Issue price

It is hardly possible to consider the purchase of a bread machine as a way to save on trips to the store for bread. The desire to bake homemade bread appears among gourmets and adherents of a healthy lifestyle, because with the help of a bread machine you can make gluten-free bread.

The cost of the device with a minimum number of functions starts from 3500 rubles. The average oven, the most in demand, will cost from 4500 to 7500 rubles. There are stoves for 8,000 and 16,000 rubles.

With the advent of the bread machine, one of the most desired smells settles in the house — the aroma of fresh bread crust.


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