How to choose a refrigerator for home? Expert advice


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To purchase a quality refrigerator for home use, you should focus not only on color, design and size. There are many other important criteria that determine the feasibility of a purchase.

The refrigerator is one of the most important household appliances. This is an indispensable device that allows you to maintain the original freshness of products. Purchasing a refrigerator is a responsible process that requires preliminary preparation. It is necessary to study in detail the selection criteria, and only then go to the store.

Dimensions and volume of the refrigerator

First of all, you need to decide on the desired size of household appliances. All refrigerators can be divided into four main groups depending on their dimensions.

The first group includes low and rather narrow single-chamber models. It is better to refuse this option immediately. Such refrigerators are used as mini-bars in hotels, airports, cottages and offices. Their height does not exceed 160 cm. For the home, it is better to choose something more overall.

Choosing a refrigerator for the home: the main criteria and nuances

The second group should include refrigeration equipment «Euro standard». Two-chamber models can reach a height of two meters and have a standard width of 60 × 60 cm. The volume ranges from 250 to 350 liters. This is the best option for a family of three or four people. The freezer can be located at the top or bottom.

The third group of household appliances is round-shaped refrigerators, low, but wide. They are classified as «Asian standard» equipment. May have one or two cameras. As for the dimensions, the height can reach 180 cm with a width of up to 90 cm. The volume in liters is 200-250. For families consisting of two people, this model will be ideal.

Some people are used to doing global grocery shopping for a month or more. Many manufacturers of refrigeration systems produce large models, the volume of which reaches 700-800 liters. Height can exceed 210 cm. You only need to take into account the growth of family members. It will be inconvenient for a short person to use such a refrigerator.

Expert advice! It does not hurt to pay attention to the location of the refrigerator handles. In a small apartment, a model with handles that are a little “drowned” in the body will look better. This is an additional space saver.

In the assortment of well-known companies, you can find original refrigerator cabinets in which the freezer and refrigeration compartments are located side by side. This is ideal for a studio apartment or country house.

Owners of small apartments should pay attention to built-in refrigerators, which can significantly save space. Only the door with the necessary temperature sensors and other indicators remains in the visibility zone. But such models usually cost much more than their counterparts.

Number of chambers and compressors

The most common and popular on the market today are classic models with a freezer and refrigerator. Each consumer can choose the location of the freezer independently, depending on personal convenience.

The most affordable are single-chamber refrigerators without a freezer. But their use at home is impractical. Modern models have three chambers, one of which is designed to store perishable products. This is an isolated zone in which a special temperature regime is maintained from 0 to 2 degrees.

When choosing, pay attention to the number of doors. If the dimensions of the living space allow, it is better to purchase a two-door model. When one chamber is opened, there is no temperature violation in the other. As a result, the energy required to maintain a normal temperature is greatly saved.

Large-volume refrigerators are characterized by the presence of two compressors, that is, motors that provide the cooling process itself. The main advantage of refrigerators with two compressors is that you can turn off one of them, defrost and rinse one chamber. In this case, the second branch will be in working condition.

What should be the refrigerator?

Before buying, you should carefully inspect the refrigerator compartment of the device. Shelves can be glass or made in the form of lattices. Most often, combined shelves are used, that is, both of them. The glass construction is more aesthetic and easier to clean.

The peculiarity of the gratings is that they do not interfere with the free circulation of air.

Inside the refrigerator compartment, the defrosting system can operate automatically. It is recommended to purchase models with the No Frost system. Its principle of operation is the constant circulation of air in the chamber. A refrigerator with a built-in No Frost system does not need to be defrosted. The technology provides prompt and uniform cooling of all products.

Expert advice! It is recommended to unplug refrigerators with No Frost technology from the mains twice a year and carry out preventive cleaning.

The lighting in the refrigerator compartment should be bright enough. The best option is to use two halogen bulbs located closer to the front edge.

It is desirable that a bottle bracket be present in the refrigerator. It will help save interior space. Expensive refrigerators include a home bar and ice maker, which require an additional connection to the water supply system.

Choosing a refrigerator for the home: the main criteria and nuances

Freezer: the right choice

The most important part of any refrigerator is the freezer. It can be divided into shelves or containers, depending on the location of the structure.

Refrigerators are divided into different categories depending on the ability of the freezer to maintain a certain temperature. Equipment is marked with four stars if the temperature in the freezer is kept at 20-25 degrees below zero. Products can be stored for more than 4-6 months.

Temperature conditions up to -18 degrees ensure the safety of products for up to 3 months. These are refrigerators with «three stars». Another marking is assigned to household appliances that allow you to store food for about 30 days. At the same time, the temperature in the freezer is kept up to 12 degrees below zero. The simplest models of refrigerators have a «one star» and provide food storage for a week.

It is desirable that a freezer tray be present in the freezer, where special shelves for ice can be placed. It is very comfortable.

Additional Criteria

During the purchase process, it is important to pay attention to how the refrigerator is controlled, the noise level and the presence of an antibacterial coating.

The cooling process can be controlled by two methods — electronic and electromechanical. The first involves the presence of a special digital panel with a display and a remote control. The mechanical method is more familiar to ordinary people. The control is carried out using the thermostat knob located inside the refrigerator.

Modern refrigeration appliances do not make loud noises. So this won’t be a problem. It is recommended to give preference to models with an antibacterial coating of the inner surface. In them, products are stored much longer and retain their useful properties.

Choosing a refrigerator for the home: the main criteria and nuances

Some electronically controlled models have a self-diagnostic system that allows you to determine the cause of the malfunction and even take measures to eliminate it. But such technological models are distinguished by a high price.

Energy class

Thrifty consumers need to pay attention to the lettering of the refrigerator. The least energy is consumed by devices with the letter «A». Next come «B» and «C», which do not differ much from the first class.

Expert advice! There are some steps you can take to make your refrigerator more energy efficient. It is recommended to install it away from the stove and radiators. Do not keep the doors open for a long time.

Design and cost

The refrigerator should be not only functional and roomy, but also harmoniously fit into the interior of the kitchen or dining room. Manufacturers offer original models made of steel and aluminum, made in different colors. Some consumers even make custom orders for wood and glass refrigerators. Nevertheless, it is worth preferring metal models because of the increased reliability of relevance at all times.

Now on the market you can find yellow, blue, black, red and other models of household appliances. But white remains a classic.

The average cost of a two-chamber refrigerator does not exceed 20 thousand rubles. The price tag of branded models can reach 100 thousand rubles. Before buying, you should compare the requirements for the model with your financial capabilities.


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