How to choose a hair dryer? We tell in detail


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Choosing a hair dryer is a responsible matter. The efficiency of operation and the health of the hair as a whole depend on how correctly the choice is made.

Hair dryer helps to give the hair the desired shape and volume. This device can be both professional, used in hairdressing salons, and household, designed for drying hair after washing your hair at home. It is very important to choose the right hair dryer. This will not only save money, but also keep your hair healthy.

Instrument types

Hair dryer brush

Features of choosing a hair dryer

Great for creating hairstyles. The brush used has little power, but with the help of nozzles you can create a variety of curls and curls at the same time as drying. Best suited for fine thin hair.

compact type

Features of choosing a hair dryer

This hair dryer is smaller than a regular hair dryer, so it is more convenient to hold it in your hand. It has less power, but it also costs less. A compact type hair dryer is good to take on a trip. He is able to dry any hair, but it will take more time.

regular type

Features of choosing a hair dryer

It is characterized by the largest size and high power. With such a hair dryer, two nozzles can go: a concentrator that directs the air stream and a diffuser designed to create volume. Suitable for home use. High power will dry long and thick hair without any problems.

Appliance power

Power (W / W), as a rule, is indicated on the body of the hair dryer. The higher the indicator it has, the more powerful air flow the device is able to create. Conventionally, this value can be divided into 3 ranges:

  • Up to 1500 W. Low power hair dryers are great for gentle styling. Basically, this applies to brush hair dryers.
  • From 1500 to 2000 watts. In most cases, compact models have average power.
  • Over 2000 W. Such power is possessed by ordinary and professional hair dryers.

To choose the right hair dryer and at the same time not overpay, you need to know the density of your hair. The denser the hair and the higher the drying speed desired, the more powerful the appliance is required.

Number of speeds

For convenience, many manufacturers equip the hair dryer with buttons with which you can adjust the air flow rate. In this case, there will be buttons with numbers on the case, meaning:

  • Quiet speed.
  • Average speed (for compact type — maximum).
  • The maximum speed for the normal type.

Sometimes there are models of hair dryers that have more numbers. However, there is no special need for them, and you will most likely have to overpay.

Temperature regime

It is well known that hot air can damage hair, making it thin and brittle. Therefore, manufacturers suggest choosing the most optimal temperature suitable for a certain type of hair. This is done using a switch with numbers (1, 2, 3) or just a button to turn off the heating function and supply cold air, which plays a significant role in more efficient hair styling.

Expert advice! When purchasing a hair dryer, pay attention to how many regulators it has. The fact is that in low-cost models, the control of the air supply rate and its temperature can be carried out by means of one regulator, instead of two different ones. In other words, when switching the mode, both the air temperature and the rate of its supply simultaneously increase, which is not very convenient.

Additional features of the hair dryer

The real benefit of the purchased device will largely depend on the presence of various additional functions in it. Sometimes these «little things» can transform a conventional hair dryer into a multifunctional device.

Noteworthy is a feature such as a removable air filter, which allows you to keep the device in working condition longer. Undoubtedly, manufacturers make every effort to make the filters as convenient and safe as possible, but with regular use, they can still become clogged with hair and dust. Therefore, it is necessary to clean them periodically.

Features of choosing a hair dryer

Friction pads make the operation of the hair dryer more convenient. They prevent the vibrating device from bouncing on the shelf and slowly sliding off it.

A relatively new feature of hair dryers is the humidity control sensor. Hair contains some moisture, most of which is lost during the drying process. The humidity sensor automatically detects the temperature of the air flow and the humidity of human hair.

In the process of drying the hair, the air flow rate decreases to the desired values. A special indicator allows you to control the situation. When measuring humidity, the sensor indicator glows orange. At a high temperature of the air stream directed to wet hair, the red color burns. In the case of almost dry hair, the sensor turns green. This means a gentle temperature regime.

Many people may like the automatic shutdown feature of the sensor system. The device with such a system automatically turns off when lowering to the surface and turns on when lifting. This allows you to forget about the switches and focus on how best to dry or style your hair.

Features of choosing a hair dryer

The latest innovations include hair dryers with a built-in ozone lamp or an air ionizer. Manufacturers claim that in such models the heating temperature is reached faster than in conventional hair dryers. In addition, they have antistatic properties. And, probably, the greatest advantage of devices with an ionizer is the fact that they not only dry or style hair, but also treat.

This is possible due to the special properties of «embedded» devices. With the help of an ozone lamp, the water molecule is split into tiny particles, which contributes to moisturizing and healing the hair. The ionizer acts as a source of negatively charged ions that destroy microbes.

Hair dryer cost

The total cost of the device depends on the degree of its “tricked out” and the manufacturer. The more famous the manufacturer, the more carefully the conditions for the technological assembly of the hair dryer are observed and the norms for drying hair are maintained. So for the «name» you have to pay a certain amount. Undoubtedly, such factors as power, types of nozzles, availability of switches, design, additional functions will also affect the price. The simplest models can be bought in the range of 300-1500 rubles. For more expensive models, you will have to pay up to 3500 rubles.

Expert advice! Before purchasing a hair dryer, decide where it will be used, whether you need it for styling or drying, and what nozzles you will need. To make the operation of the device more convenient, make sure that the power cord is no shorter than 2 meters. It is worth paying attention to the material of manufacture of the body of the hair dryer. High-quality models are made of special heat-resistant and durable plastic, which will not allow the hair dryer to melt even after prolonged use.


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