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Urban pollution, cigarette smoke and smog adversely affect human health. Filtration devices absorb fine dust particles, bacteria and unpleasant odors that hover in the room. Before choosing an air purifier for an apartment, you need to study the technical features of the devices.

Types of air purifiers for home

A typical device consists of a fan and a filter system. The movement of the blades pumps a stream of oxygen that enters the body, flies through the cartridges and comes out clean. The device captures dust, allergens and microorganisms, creates a healthy microclimate in the room.

How to choose a good air purifier for your home

Cleaner — «wash»

Cleaner — «wash» drives air through the moving wings, mixes with water and brings it out. Due to the high humidity, the particles become heavy and cannot rise with oxygen. Devices with ionization and a photocatalytic filter destroy unpleasant odors and fungal spores.


  • low energy consumption;
  • silent operation;
  • ease of maintenance.


  • slow air flow;
  • the possibility of getting burned by the steam.

How to choose a good air purifier for your home

Mechanical air cleaner

vacuum turbine dry models sucks in contaminated oxygen, drives it through 3 filters and releases it purified. The device removes dust, small mites and allergens. The powerful device with the electric fan copes with rooms of any sizes. Express mode allows you to quickly process large volumes.


• high performance;
• many kinds.


• makes noise during operation;
• consumes a lot of energy;
• Regular replacement of filters.

How to choose a good air purifier for your home

Air purifier with ionization

Principle of operation air purifier with ionization option reminds with changes during a thunderstorm. Under the influence of the apparatus, oxygen is electrified and saturated with ozone molecules. The design is based on metal plates and gratings that attract fine dust, soot and allergens.


• reduces the negative impact of electrical appliances;
• prevention of diseases of the respiratory system.


• not suitable for rooms with high humidity;
• disrupts the operation of electrical devices.

The choice of air purifier model depends on the goals that the owner sets. For allergy sufferers and asthmatics, we recommend powerful devices with a dry filter. With the prevention of diseases and the removal of dust particles from the apartment, the “washing” technique with a humidifier or an ionizer device will cope.

How to choose a good air purifier for your home

Filter types

The quality of purification depends on the types of sorbent components. The ozonator design uses electrostatic plates, between which metal threads are passed. The frame creates a magnetic field that attracts dust. To get rid of settled debris, the elements must be periodically dismantled and washed. If you do not remove the dirt, then the filtration efficiency decreases.

In a dry cleaner, manufacturers combine different types of components. 4 types of parts are installed in the technique:

  1. Preliminary. Mesh with small cells traps coarse dust, animal hair. When dirty, wash or vacuum.
  2. Carbonic. Fine powder cartridges absorb volatile substances. Combine with coarse filters. Change every 5 months. Cons: do not trap bacteria and do not put in wet rooms.
  3. HEPA. The components do not let microorganisms, allergens and toxic fumes through. They work for six months, then you need to buy a new cartridge. Combine with other types of sorbents.
  4. Photocatalytic. Oxygen enters the tank with titanium oxide. Under the influence of ultraviolet light, the dust breaks down into harmless components.

Water-powered air purifiers do not have filters. Sorbent properties are performed by internal parts that need to be washed. To reduce the frequency of procedures, manufacturers cover the components with an antibacterial layer or use disinfecting rods.

Power and performance

The parameter affects the productivity of equipment. Compact models consume electricity ranging from 15-30 watts. For a room of standard sizes, we recommend choosing a device of 60 watts. Multifunctional cleaner-humidifiers use up to 100 watts. For round-the-clock work, pay attention to low-power units (up to 20 W).

How to choose a good air purifier for your home

The higher the energy consumption, the faster the machine will drive the air through the turbines. A good model will purify oxygen twice within an hour. For a bedroom, a nursery, small appliances with a capacity of up to 200 g / h are suitable. Medium parameters technique operates within 250-300 g/h, high parameters — over 350 g/h.

Air purifiers are designed for a certain area. When choosing a model, pay attention to the size of the room and the characteristics of the device. When working in different rooms, take into account the parameters of a large space. It is convenient to use compact car devices in the toilet and bathroom, and a powerful unit for the whole apartment.

The number of speeds depends on the type of model. In inexpensive devices, manufacturers set 1-2 modes, in multifunctional devices — up to 10. When used in an apartment, no more than 4 options are used. The automatic system independently analyzes the composition of oxygen and selects the parameters. For devices with manual control, the settings are determined by a person.

Noise level

The option is responsible for the comfort of using electrical appliances. During operation, ionizers and photocatalytic models do not make sounds. Machines with moving parts (blades, bobbins, turbines) always hum. The higher the air purification rate, the more noise.

Manufacturers offer equipment with a volume in the range of 45-60 dB. During the day, monotonous sounds merge with the echo from working electrical appliances, but in the evening they will interfere with falling asleep. In the bedroom, nursery choose units with parameters from 20 to 30 dB. Models with «night mode» change the speed of the fans, reduce the noise level during sleep.

How to choose a good air purifier for your home

Additional functions

Options affect the usability of air purifiers for an apartment. According to the method of control, the devices are divided into 2 types:

  1. Mechanical. Traditional rotary switches and buttons are simple and reliable to operate.
  2. Electronic. Touch panel models have many modes and settings. For remote control use a remote control or an application in a smartphone.

The timer is a convenient option that programs the time of work and rest. The length of the segment depends on the complexity of the device. In equipment with a «night» function, the user sets the period for reducing the fan speed. Devices with a pollution detector independently determine the air quality and set the desired mode.

According to the type of placement, cleaners are produced floor and desktop. An incorrectly installed device will not purify the air. Additionally, LEDs are built into the case and the device is used as a night light. Aromatherapy devices spray small particles of essential oils.

An air purifier for an apartment is a useful technique that helps maintain a healthy indoor climate. When choosing a model, pay attention to the type of apparatus and the type of filtration. Additional features make the device easier to use.


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