Choosing a dishwasher for your home Techniques and Tips


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A dishwasher will be a great helper for any housewife. To make it comfortable, its work caused only positive emotions, you should use the recommendations for choosing this device.

Dishwashers save time, water and energy. These devices have already gained many supporters. To get the most out of your purchase, you should pay attention to choosing the right model.

Dishwasher dimensions

Full-size (standard) units occupy 60 × 60 × 85 cm in terms of parameters. There is enough internal space to load up to 14 sets of dishes. Usually manufacturers make such dishwashers with the maximum number of functions, their design adapts well to standardized kitchen appliances.

The large height allows you to use the top surface of the device as a serving table. Such machines are very expensive, but they have good efficiency. With their help, you can clean dirty dishes left after a big feast in one load.

How to choose a dishwasher for your home

Narrow models provide the same washing quality as full-size ones, but are 10-20% cheaper than the first ones. Their advantage lies in the small parameters of 45 × 60 × 85 cm, at which you can put up to 9 sets of dishes at a time in the dishwasher. Such dishwashers are perfectly integrated into the overall interior of the kitchen, while being able to serve a fairly large number of dishes. Typically, a device of this size is suitable for a family of up to 4 people.

Compact dishwashers can be installed on the kitchen table, there is the possibility of embedding in a wall-mounted kitchen cabinet. Parameters 45×55×45. Only up to 6 sets of dishes can be accommodated, their economy is small. Usually the price is lower than the first two options.

How to choose an integrated dishwasher

The main difference in the choice of built-in dishwashers from desktop (freestanding) is the possibility of hiding them or maximum adaptation to the location and color of other furniture.

There are two types:

  • Fully built-in. They are completely hidden behind the rest of the furniture in the kitchen. If the decision is made to completely veil the dishwasher, this type should be chosen, as it will not change the design environment at all. The control panel is located at the end of the door. It can only be used after opening the door.
  • With open panel. Partially decorated frontally, only the control panel remains free.

Some manufacturers have begun producing dishwashers with the ability to adjust under the countertop. When choosing devices of this type, you should pay attention to the color of the front, since it is she who always remains in sight.

How to choose a dishwasher for your home

The possibility of embedding is also available for some small desktop dishwashers. Usually they are placed in hanging kitchen cabinets. Often they are located on the same level as the microwave and oven. Before creating a built-in space, make sure that the resulting space is a few centimeters larger than the dimensions of the dishwasher. Compliance with this aspect is necessary to ensure ventilation.

Choosing a dishwasher according to the main characteristics

Profitability. This indicator depends on the consumption of water and electricity by the dishwasher at a time. If on some days there are very few dishes to load, and on some days you need a spacious machine, then you can purchase a device with the possibility of a half load. In such models of equipment, only the upper section can work, and if necessary, both baskets are connected.

Dishwashers are divided into classes:

  • Highly economical (ABC) consume an average of about 15 liters of water per washing session.
  • Medium Economic (DE) require up to 20 liters of water.
  • Uneconomical (FG) works on average with 25 liters of water.

Washing efficiency. This parameter depends on several factors:

  • Hardness of water. If soft water is supplied, then the detergent is used in a minimum amount. The dishwasher must be equipped with an ion exchanger, so that with a standard amount of detergent, the dishes are completely cleaned of dirt after washing.
  • Location of water supply directions. It is necessary to carefully examine all the places from which water will come out during washing. The streams must not overlap. Such measures will avoid the detection of areas where water does not enter, after the purchase.
  • The shape and number of nozzles. The more of them, the better the dishes are washed. For high-quality removal of contaminants, the water outlet holes should be medium or small.
  • Rinsing. The function should work properly. It is desirable to be able to add a special rinse aid before each load of dishes.
  • Drying class. It is defined, like economy, in Latin letters from A to G. The highest class A provides for hot air drying with a fan. After the end of the washing procedure, the dishes become pleasant to the touch, do not slip out of the hands, and there is also a special light aroma.

Modes and functions

How to choose a dishwasher for your home

Washing modes:

  • «Daily» is carried out under standard conditions at 50-60 ° C. Its intensity is enough for moderately soiled dishes.
  • «Intensive» is necessary if the dishes are heavily soiled or have stood without washing for more than one day. It is carried out at a temperature of 65-75 ° C.
  • «Eco mode» is available in some dishwashers. It is used if the dishes are slightly soiled. When connected, you can save up to 20% on electricity and water. Washing is carried out at 40-45 °C.
  • «Quick wash» allows you to clean the dishes in a short time. Suitable if the items are not contaminated with grease or other substances that require thorough cleaning. The mode also allows you to save on water and electricity consumption.
  • «Delicate wash» is required for dishes with fragile construction. Cleaning is carried out at 30 °C.
  • «Soaking» is necessary only in case of heavily soiled dishes.

There are many irreplaceable features that you should pay attention to when choosing a dishwasher:

  • «On Delay» allows you to set a timer for up to 24 hours. At the pre-set time, the dishwashing will start automatically.
  • «Variable wash» is necessary to save water, the function increases the quality of washing dishes. The principle is that while in one of the baskets the detergent intensively acts on the dirt, in the other the dishes are cleaned with the help of streams of water. After a certain time, technologies change in each basket to the opposite ones.
  • «Heating dishes» occurs during the drying phase. After the completion of all programs, the dishes come out of the dishwasher not cold, but pleasant to the touch.
  • The “time indicator” is needed so that you can find out: how many minutes are left before the end of washing the dishes.
  • «Beam on the floor» is needed for the convenience of the owners. During active dishwashing, a light beam is projected onto the floor. After the end of the cycle, it disappears.
  • «Easy-Lock lock» allows you not to worry about tight closing of the machine door. It is enough to cover it by more than 10 ° until it stops, then the automatic system will tightly close the door.
  • «Opto Sensor» will allow you to make hard water soft. With the help of infrared rays, the need to add salt is determined, which improves the quality of washing.
  • «Water Sensor» automatically detects water pollution. The water is renewed before rinsing only in case of heavy soiling.

Design features

How to choose a dishwasher for your home

In order to be able to wash large-scale items, it must be possible to move the baskets by adjusting their height. Sometimes it is necessary to change the slope of the baskets, which will also be useful in the dishwasher. Removable holders or small baskets for small items make it easier to use the device. Special horizontal holders are provided for glasses, you should also pay attention to their presence.

Useful Applications:

  • Internal illumination facilitates loading and sorting of ware.
  • The possibility of fixing the door in various positions provides convenience when loading and removing dishes.
  • Protection against radio interference will allow you to watch TV and use other electrical appliances without interruption.
  • The heat exchanger is needed to ensure energy savings. Heat from each session is accumulated and stored for the next washing session.
  • The filter for cleaning allows you to use the same water repeatedly.
  • Stainless steel internal parts extend the life of the device.
  • Screw feet are required when installing the dishwasher on an uneven floor. By adjusting their height, you can adapt it to any level of other furniture in the kitchen.

When choosing a dishwasher, you should be guided by the presence of the most important functions in a particular case, additional features, dimensions and design. In order for the purchase to please for a long time, you should make sure that there are warranty obligations and the serviceability of all the provided technological programs.


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