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When going on a picnic, you need to take with you not only food and drinks, but also a convenient folding table. This is a very comfortable furniture for relaxing, allowing you to comfortably sit and have a good time. You will not need to look for a flat place, fight with oilcloths and bedding, which often give an irregular shape.

Those who prefer a civilized holiday will definitely need a picnic table. This furniture can also come in handy when fishing or in the summer at their summer cottage.

Benefits of using a picnic table

Such a product should be called an indispensable assistant not only for a picnic, but also in the country. It is very convenient to use this furniture as needed: hide it when the owners are absent, and, conversely, lay it out when they arrive. The table can be both the main furniture and additional, for example, during the conservation period or during the celebration of an event, if there is not enough space for drinks, dishes or dishes.

Among the main advantages that are in such furniture for relaxation, the following should be highlighted:

  • small dimensions;
  • light weight;
  • convenient for transportation;
  • durable materials are used in the manufacture;
  • some models are equipped with a special opening for an awning / umbrella;
  • There is a handle for carrying.
How to choose a picnic table

What are picnic tables made of?

In the shopping areas you can see various options for tables. As a rule, they have a countertop and a folding frame. Materials for manufacturing: wood, metal, plastic.

For a young company, an aluminum picnic table is suitable. This is a budget option. Plus, it’s lightweight. Most often, this type of table is placed in a small suitcase. It will easily fit into the trunk, so it will become an invariable thing for travel.

When choosing a table, it is important to remember one thing: aluminum cannot withstand too much stress. In order not to damage the furniture, the maximum load on it should not exceed 8 — 20 kg. In this regard, steel models stand out favorably, as they are able to withstand about 100 kg.

There are also folding wooden picnic tables. They are more suitable for relaxing in the country, as they have sufficient weight and dimensions. However, the appearance of such options is more attractive, and the table is pleasant to the touch.

Universal furniture can be called a plastic picnic table. It is suitable for both youth and children’s recreation. You can take it with you not only to nature, but also put it in the country, where it will look appropriate. The main advantages of such models are high strength and wear resistance. On sale you can find tables of various sizes: from small to large.

About the design features of tables

Countertops come in a variety of shapes. Rectangular is the most common. However, you can find models with a square or round shape. The most rare is the oval shape. Countertops are made from various materials. Very beautiful options made of wood, laminated fiberboard. However, in this case, the table should be protected from precipitation. A plastic countertop will be more practical.

The legs of the tables are aluminum, metal or wood. The stability of the model is given by crossed legs. However, it will not be very comfortable to sit at such a table. Guests will feel more comfortable at the table, the supports of which are parallel. There are also options with adjustable legs. They will be especially convenient for uneven surfaces.

The steel support may be in the form of a closed loop. Such a table will be stable and will not sink into the ground. Ideal if the steel will be powder coated. Such painting will protect against corrosion, and the appearance of the table will be more attractive.

For a picnic, it is better to take an aluminum model. Another option is a table with cross-shaped aluminum legs. The tabletop can be made of plywood, but a varnish coating is required. This table is easy to fold and unfold. For a summer residence, you can choose a completely wooden model or with metal legs. The tabletop in this case can be made of plywood or laminated fiberboard.

How to choose a picnic table

Aluminum tables

Depending on the number of people who need to be placed at the table, there may be several product options:

  • If a company of up to 4 people is going, then the best choice is a compact folding model, the frame of which is made of steel or aluminum profiles. The tabletop will be made of aluminum or fabric. The weight of such tables is in the range of 2 — 5 kg.
  • For more people, you should choose an aluminum picnic table for a large company. Such models have not only a large capacity, but also weight — up to 7 kg. The frame in this case will also be made of aluminum or steel.

The corners in most of these models are specially processed so that injury can be avoided. This is especially important if the picnic is planned with children.

The most comfortable model

A set of folding picnic table with four chairs is one of the best buys. Such kits are made of aluminum, which is a reliable and at the same time lightweight material. In the manufacture of countertops, a durable refractory material is often used — fibralite. On such a table it will be possible to put hot dishes or throw metal objects. In addition, such furniture can be left in the rain if necessary.

Permissible load on such a table is up to 50 kg. It is worth noting that it is also telescopic, that is, its height can be adjusted. Special clamps are responsible for this.

The set of chairs included in the set can be put into the table without much effort. This saves free space in the trunk. The chairs are made from lightweight aluminium. The load on them can reach 140 kg.

Some models of such folding tables can be additionally equipped with a shelf on which you can conveniently place cutlery, napkins and other things useful for relaxing. Thanks to this design, free space will appear on the table.

The picnic set for the table and chairs may also include benches. The tabletop, like the seats of the chairs, is most often made of aluminum. MDF or plastic can also be used. The color scheme is different. Colors such as beige, white, metallic are especially popular. The top can be finished with a plastic red or green marble finish.

Very handy and compact picnic table. It is perfect for small feasts, for fishing, hiking, in the country, as the set, as a rule, also contains 4 chairs. Such models are quite light, have a convenient handle for carrying. They can easily be carried in one hand.

When assembled, this model will seem like a small-sized suitcase. It only takes a few minutes to assemble the table without using any tools. The load that this model can withstand is up to 30 kg. Friends will be able to sit comfortably on chairs, appreciate the comfort of such a rest.

It is worth noting the unpretentiousness of such products. This is a wonderful furniture for which children can practice modeling, drawing, making fakes. A sturdy table will stand it all. You just need to wipe it, and it is again clean, ready for use.

How to choose a picnic table

How to choose a table?

When choosing a picnic table, you should understand where and how it will be used. Based on this, they are determined from the requirements for furniture. When choosing, pay attention to the size, appearance, design features of the frame.

It is worth considering the following parameters:

  • Understand how many people the table is designed for. For a large company, wooden and plastic models are suitable. If you need to place up to 4 people at the table, then it is better to opt for the aluminum version.
  • The folded table should easily fit in the trunk of a car.
  • Which shape do you prefer: square, round, oval, rectangular. It is also worth deciding on the desired color.
  • If you plan to rest on the lake, it is best to choose a model with telescopic legs, as there is a possibility of height regulation.
  • Some folding picnic tables have a hole in the middle. You can put a parasol in it.
  • When buying, you need to take care of the chairs for greater comfort. Otherwise, you get a Swedish-style picnic.
  • Consider the material of manufacture, the manufacturer and the price.
  • Specify how many connections are in the frame.
  • Table compact when folded

Where to buy a picnic table?

Buying a picnic table at the present time will not cause difficulties. The question arises: where to buy a folding picnic table? Such goods can be picked up in numerous furniture stores, on Internet portals. The latter option is considered one of the most convenient, since you can not only choose the product you need, but also read the reviews of other customers, see the existing configuration options, and get advice from a store specialist.

As for the pricing policy. It depends on several factors: manufacturer, material, composition of the kit. The most expensive will be models made of moisture-resistant plastic. A more budget option is a table made of water-repellent fabric.

It is also worth noting that the sizes of tables can be different. The most common options are 800 × 580 or 840 × 580 mm. There is also such a size as 1000 × 500 × 445 or 480 mm. There is plenty to choose from, as the assortment and model range is diverse.


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