How to choose an electric oven? Expert advice


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You do not know how to choose the right electric oven? These tips are for you! Pay attention to the nuances that you need to remember when buying an electric oven.

An electric oven is an indispensable assistant in the kitchen. Housewives have already appreciated the advantages of this useful device.

electric oven

How to choose an electric oven? Which model do you prefer? Which manufacturer is more reliable? Let’s figure out what you need to consider when buying new household appliances.

Why is an electric oven better than a gas oven?

Tips for choosing an electric oven

If you are in doubt whether it is worth taking the option of an oven in which heating is done using electricity, cast aside all doubts. Innovative household appliances will turn the banal process of cooking into a pleasant and exciting experience.

Main advantages:

  • ring elements installed in different parts of the oven warm the dish well;
  • wide operating temperature range — from +30С to +300С;
  • dishes are fried faster;
  • a convection fan allows you to get a golden crust on all sides;
  • with an electric oven, you will forget about the burnt bottom and poorly baked top of flour products;
  • it becomes possible to accurately measure the temperature with an error of up to 5 degrees;
  • you can put several dishes in the oven at the same time — the space warms up evenly;
  • an electric oven is safer to use.

Note! The only drawback of this type of oven is the high consumption of electricity.

Of course, if you do not bake pies or grill chicken every day, the amount will increase slightly. If you use an electric oven regularly, the bills will definitely increase.

Types of electric ovens

Do you know that according to the degree of interaction with the hob, ovens are divided into:

  • dependent. Sold only as a set with a hob. The control panel common to both appliances is located on the oven;
  • autonomous. They can be placed in any corner, taking into account the wishes of the hostess. The oven has nothing to do with the hob.

Consider this point when choosing a location for an electric oven. An independent option is perfect for small kitchens.

Tips for choosing an electric oven

According to the set of useful functions, there are:

  • static. The number of functions does not exceed four: various types of heating and grill;
  • multifunctional. The number of options reaches twelve. The cost goes up accordingly.

Useful Features

What options must be present, and what can you do without? Remember — the most «fancy» electric oven, the purchase of which you spent a substantial amount of money, is not always the best option.

If you’re cooking simple meals and don’t care if the crust is perfectly crisp or not, don’t spend extra money on an electric oven with the maximum number of functions. Experience shows that many housewives have no idea what all the buttons or icons on the touchpad mean.

Tips for choosing an electric oven

Find out what useful features and original solutions are. Choose what you need:

  1. Steamer — for cooking healthy food.
  2. The pull-out trolley allows the tray to move forward with the opening door.
  3. The temperature probe is used to measure the temperature inside the food being cooked.
  4. Grill — for a crispy crust and an appetizing look.
  5. Self-cleaning oven walls. It’s simple: they heated the oven, collected the fallen ashes, wiped the walls. The perfect solution for a busy hostess.
  6. Oven door made of non-heating material. A necessary option for new mothers. Even if the baby touches the door, he will not burn himself.
  7. Timer. With this dish function, the oven will turn off exactly after the set time. The chicken burnt by oversight goes into oblivion. Sometimes a dish alert function is added.
  8. Blowing the walls with cold air currents. Furniture located nearby will not dry out from constant overheating. High end models have this feature.
  9. Convection. The presence of this option allows you to cook two or three dishes at different levels and ensure uniform heating. A useful detail is the ability to adjust the power of the hot air flow.
  10. Spit. You can cook juicy kebabs without leaving your home. A whole chicken baked on a spit is the dream of any gourmet.

Manufacturers of electric ovens

Models of the world’s leading companies are represented on the household appliances market. Recognized leaders in the production of electric and gas ovens are Bosch, Siemens, Electrolux, Hotpoint-Ariston.

Each manufacturer offers several lines of electric ovens. Be sure to check with the seller whether the model you have chosen is standalone or dependent. Remember, if the hob breaks, you will not be able to use the dependent electric oven.

Give preference to one or another manufacturer, evaluating its reputation, time on the market, the terms and conditions of the warranty for the purchased product. Do not buy at a low cost and do not take products from little-known companies.

Tips for choosing an electric oven

Find out if there is a branded service center in your area for servicing and repairing expensive kitchen appliances. Many companies provide quality service in large cities. The warranty period also plays a role.

An electric oven is a rather expensive commodity. Before buying, read as many reviews as possible on the forums on the Internet, consult with friends who use an electric oven. So you will find out the real opinions of people about the technology of a particular company.

Expert advice

Pay attention to some of the nuances that you should be aware of before making a solid purchase:

  • the standard width of the built-in electric oven is 60cm; Models with a width of 45 and 90cm are available on request;
  • when buying a model with a cleaning function, give preference to the pyrolytic version. Due to catalytic cleaning, your oven will wear out faster;
  • when choosing a control system, listen only to yourself. If you’re used to regular pens, stick with them. Modern housewives are increasingly choosing touch control. Compromise is a mixed system;
  • check which energy class your electric oven belongs to. Perhaps you should think about a more economical model that has a similar feature set;
  • buy a hob and oven from the same manufacturer;
  • if you are used to simple dishes and are not going to use a dozen programs, buy an oven with standard options. The skewer and the function of the microwave oven, of course, will not interfere, but the cost of the selected model will increase;
  • an independent type of oven will allow efficient use of space in a tiny kitchen;
  • Another option for kitchens in Khrushchev is the 2in1 option. An electric oven + microwave capabilities is what you need to save space. For the sake of convenience, it is worth overpaying;
  • If you are a busy person, do not skimp on an oven with a programming function. The presence of a timer with a sound signal is a useful bonus.

So you got acquainted with the basic rules for choosing kitchen appliances. Head to your nearest electronics supermarket and get a model that suits you.


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