5 steps to a successful purchase


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Choosing a smartwatch is not an easy task. It is necessary to take into account many parameters and characteristics. After reviewing the above tips, buying such a gadget will be a breeze.

In this article, we will teach you how to choose a smart watch that can meet the needs of each user in five easy steps.

What to look for when buying

How to choose a smart watch: 5 steps to a successful purchase

1. Start by setting a budget

Decide how much you want or can spend, and based on the price you can gradually narrow down the options until you find the perfect product. Please note that in general, a more expensive product will have more accurate sensors, as well as better materials and specifications.

2. Pay close attention to iOS and Android compatibility

The watch is connected to a smartphone for proper operation and display of basic functions. So, before you buy a smart watch, make sure it is compatible with your Android or iOS phone.

Apple Watch only works with Apple devices. Watches from other manufacturers usually work with both operating systems of smartphones, the compatibility of which is indicated in the data sheet of each product.

3. Choose the best smartwatch size and design

When choosing a smartwatch, you need to decide which case size is best for your wrist.

Major manufacturers offer two case sizes, such as 40mm and 44mm. Smaller watches tend to fit better on women’s wrists, while larger ones on men’s wrists, with variations needed.

Bracelets can be changed and selected according to the user’s personal style. There are a wide range of combinations for color, texture, material and finish, and you can also customize the color and material of the watch case.

How to choose a smart watch: 5 steps to a successful purchase

4. Pay attention to the «characteristics» of smart watches

Specifications are extremely important. Their category and quality will have a direct impact on the performance and durability of the product, so it’s important to know what to buy.

We pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • CPU (chip) — the more cores and processing frequency, the better.
  • Display — the higher the resolution, the better. By type, AMOLED screens are better.
  • materials From polycarbonate, plastic to aluminum and even stainless steel, these are the main materials from which watches are made.
  • RAM. The more memory and space, the better.
  • Water and dust resistance is a common feature of most smartwatches.
  • Communication and sensors. Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, GPS location, NFC for contactless payments and advanced sensors to collect metrics such as altimeter, compass. All this should be in smartwatches.
  • Battery and autonomy. Some manufacturers disclose the battery capacity, others — the average battery life (average 2 days). The autonomy of smartwatches averages two days of use.
  • Operating system.

5. Applications

Whether you need to answer or reject calls, control Spotify, or reply to messages, the number of apps will vary by platform. Operating systems such as watch OS have a wide range of applications available. It’s also worth noting that the same app can have different features and performance on different platforms.

How to choose a smart watch: 5 steps to a successful purchase

Categories of smart watches

We can divide smartwatches into a couple of categories to make it easier for consumers to choose. The price for each smartwatch will vary depending on the category and manufacturer, as well as other factors.

  1. Advanced smart watch. When choosing a modern smartwatch, the user expects to have the best features and specifications, as well as the most accurate sensors, the best build quality, customization options and the deepest smartphone integration. This is the best buy for consumers looking for the best, no matter the budget. They may be available with a stainless steel body, among other more durable materials.
  2. Smart watch for fitness. Their primary use is to monitor and track the wearer’s physical performance. The shape varies depending on the manufacturer. A silicone bracelet is included as standard.


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